Best OpenSource Dark Mode Chrome Extension

With more than 4 Million installations and 9K (4 star) reviews. 

"Dark Reader" is one of the popular and best open source dark mode chrome extension 

Dark Reader Features, you may like

4. Doesn't show ads & doesn't send user data anywhere

3. Secure & Open source

2.  Inverts bright colors and easy to read at night

1. Dark Reader is an eye care extension

How to Install Dark Mode chrome extension 

2. Click "Add to Chrome"

1. Search for "Dark Reader Chrome extension" in Google

Read Help and FAQ section of Dark Reader Extension after installation

Pin "Dark Reader" extension to your Google Chrome

2. Pin Dark Reader extension

1. Click on "extensions" in Google Chrome

Open your favourite website and adjust settings

2. Set up Modes, Add site lists, and customize font etc. 

1. Click on "Google Reader" Icon on top right corner

Single-click toggle button to on or off Dark mode for individual sites

Congrats!! you have successfully installed Best open source dark
mode chrome extension 

Check out this DARK Mode video for more features

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