How to watch ig live anonymously {3 easy tricks in 2022}

If you are struggling with the question, can I watch ig live anonymously? So the answer is Yes, there are ways you can watch ig (Instagram) live anonymously. Although officially there is no way listed.

In this post, I will let you know 3 ways to watch ig live anonymously of your friend, Ex or someone whom you don’t want to inform, that you are watching his/her Instagram live.

How to anonymously watch live videos on Instagram

As I mentioned earlier, there is no official way, but some workarounds listed in this post can help you to watch ig live anonymously. Also, watch out for this post to turn off the read receipt on Instagram.

Generally, if you don’t react to any live broadcast or live videos on Instagram e.g leaving comments or likes. Then it’s likely to be similar to remain anonymous. Because the name of the viewer displays only while joining the live broadcast.

Once live Instagram starts, the organizer can see the number of viewers only. Your nickname with the inscription “joined the broadcast” would simply vanish between 100 people viewing and commenting.

You just need to avoid leaving or reacting to comments or giving likes during live videos.

But still, if you are not happy with above suggestion and want to watch ig live anonymously, then follow along with the listed solutions in this post.

Trick-1 Change your profile name on Instagram and watch ig live anonymously

You can change your profile name on Instagram and can avoid being identified by the user doing live video.

Username helps people discover your account by using the name and you can only change your name twice within 14 days.

Follow these steps to change your profile name to anonymous –

Step1- Choose your profile icon

Open instagram profile

Step2- Tap on the Edit profile option

Edit instagram profile

Step3- Change your name and username to “anonymous” or some available random names

I have changed Name to “anonymous” and username to Feelinglonely123456 as an example in the reference image.

Watch ig live anonymously by profile name change

Step4- Tap on the “Tick mark” twice to complete the username changes

Choose the blue tick mark button on top right corner twice to save the changes you have made.

Now if you will join any ig live, you will be shown as different user instead of your original username. Hurray!! you can join and watch ig live anonymously now.

Trick-2 Create a new account or use Family’s account and watch live on Instagram anonymously

In this method, you can create a new account without giving your profile picture and original name and then switch accounts during the live video to watch ig live anonymously.

You can also use your Family or Friends account to achieve the same. Make sure you notify them before doing this.

You can use their phone or can ask them to log in to your phone to catch live on Instagram anonymously.

Following are the steps on how to add a new Instagram account and switch new accounts to watch ig live anonymously

Step1- Tap on Hamburger menu on top right corner of instagram app

Tap on Hamburger icon of Instagram

Step2 – Go to settings from the menu

Open instagram settings

Step3- Tap on “Add account” in under Logins

Scroll to the bottom of instagram app and choose “Add account” to create new account.

Add a new account to watch Instagram video anonymously

Step4- Create new instagram account or login with existing

If you want to use any family or friends account, you can use “Login into existing account” option, else Choose “create new account

Login into existing account or create new account options in Instagram

Step5- Choose username and password on the next screen

Time to choose available anonymous username and strong password for your new account. Then Choose on Complete signup option.

For example, I have taken feelingamazinganonymous username as shown in the image.

Complete new anonymous Instagram account signup

Step6- Skip the steps of adding Facebook account and profile photo

On the next steps, avoid linking facebook account and adding profile photo. It will help you to remain anonymous while watching instagram live video.

Step7 – Login with your main account and wait for live video to start

Step8- Switch to new login account and watch ig live anonymously

Once live broadcast start on instagram, login or switch to your new instagram account to enjoy live instagram video anonymously using following steps

Step8.1 Tap again on Hamburger menu

Open Hamburger menu

Step8.2- Choose settings from the drop down menu

Open Instagram settings

Step8.3- Tap on Add or switch accounts and select the new account

Here you will get three options-

  1. Add or switch accounts
  2. Log out from your current instagram account
  3. Log out from all accounts

Choose “Add or switch accounts” option first.

Switch Instagram accounts

Now select the account, you want to use for watching live broadcast

switch to anonymous account to watch ig live anonymously

That’s all you need to watch live videos without showing your identity. Repeat this process everytime, you need to watch live videos anonymously on instagram.

Trick-3 Watch the video after the organizer uploads it on their IGTV feed

Many users upload the recording of their IGTV feed. IGTV (Instagram TV) feature keeps the track of live videos.

So if you are planning to watch an Instagram live video anonymously, then you can watch after the person uploads it.

Using this method, You can avoid all the hassles of creating the new account or making changes in your existing account and still can watch ig live anonymously.

Frequently Asked Questions by users

Q1- Can you watch Instagram lives anonymously?

Officially there is no way listed to watch instagram lives anonymously but following are the tricks
1. By changing Instagram profile username and Name
2. By adding a new instagram anonymous account and then switching account can help to watch ig live anonymously.

Q2- Can IG live see who’s watching?

Yes, he/she can see each individual username, who is watching their live videos. Also a small counter with eye symbol helps you to see the number of people watching your live feed.

Q3- How do you watch someone’s Instagram live?

If someone whom you follow shares a live video, a colourful ring will appear on their photo at top of the feed. You can simply click on their profile picture to watch their live broadcast.

Q4- How can I watch IGTV anonymously?

To watch IGTV anonymously for any user whom you follow with notifying to him. You need to download that video. Just paste the link of profile or username and choose Download to watch IGTV anonymously.


There are no official way to watch Instagram Live video anonymously, but still using 3 tricks listed in this post can help you to achieve the goal. The person who is going live will never know, that you watched him live 😉

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