Why and How to Unread Messages on Instagram on Your Devices

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Have you accidentally opened your friend’s Instagram message and read a part of it? If yes, you must be looking for tips on how to unread messages on Instagram to save yourself from embarrassment if this happens again in the future. But is there any unread message option even available on Instagram? 

In this article, we will answer many such questions related to the Instagram account that’s plaguing your mind.  

Is It Possible to Unread Messages on Instagram?

Yes, it is. But be aware that only Creators or Business account users can unread messages. So, to use the feature, you need to switch accounts first. After you unread a message in your Business account, the seen receipt remains the same, and only the message will be marked as unread. 

Are you wondering how to remove the seen receipt notification from the message after reading it? You don’t have to wait for another version of the app to make this happen. Several tricks will allow you to mark a message as unread even if you have checked its contents or read it thoroughly.

You can also check your Instagram notification in your Mail account. If you think you are not receiving your Instagram notifications in the Mail app, refresh your inbox to get all the messages in your mailbox. 

Knowing how to refresh Mail on Mac and other devices can help you get all the messages in your inbox after a poor internet signal. If you are having difficulty refreshing your inbox in Gmail or Instagram, check your WiFi connectivity. Restart your modem to reestablish your internet connection and receive messages as usual. 

The unread message feature allows you to keep track of your important messages so that you can read them later. Sometimes, you check the message quickly without paying much attention as you are getting ready for work. These messages appear in the read messages list though you haven’t checked them carefully. 

Now storing them as unread messages will allow you to read them thoroughly. It’s a small yet useful feature that can save you from missing out on information that you receive via Instagram. 

Unread Messages on Business Account on Instagram

how to unread messages on Instagram

Sometimes you are stuck in a situation where a close friend needs to discuss an urgent matter, but you don’t have enough time to have words instantly. You might be having a meeting the very next moment after you check your friend’s Instagram message. 

In that case, the only solution is to unread the message so that you can read it and respond back later. You can answer his message after finishing your meeting or as early as possible. In your Business account, you will find two options, including Primary and General. These two tabs help you manage messages received directly on Instagram. 

The Primary tab includes important conversations. When a contact from this list texts you, you receive the notification immediately and can respond to the message quickly. You can put all your family or friends’ numbers on this list. 

The General tab, on the other side, contains messages from not-so-important contacts. On receiving a message from a person on this list, you never get a notification. You can check these messages whenever you have ample time. 

So, the question is how to unread messages on Instagram. The first thing is that you must have a Business account to get started. 

  1. From your inbox, click on the select icon available in the top right corner of the screen. 
  2. Next, pick which of the conversations you want to mark as unread. 
  3. Click on More, and select Mark as Unread from the drop-down menu. 

All done, you can now see a blue dot displayed on the conversation. Besides that, a red notification will also appear in the inbox. The option to unread messages is available in the app, and you will not see it in the desktop version. 

If you use the feature, the message will not appear as unread by the sender. The unread messages option is a way to keep note of messages when you don’t have time to respond back. You can read these messages later after completing what you are doing. 

How to Switch Accounts on Instagram?

To switch to a Business account or Creator account on Mac, follow the steps given below. 

  1. Open Instagram, log in to your account and click on your profile picture. 
  2. After clicking the profile picture, select Settings from the drop-down menu.  
  3. On the Settings page, select the Switch to Professional Account button displayed in the left pane. 
  4. Next, you will get two options to select from, either tap on the Business or Creator option. 
  5. Continue to click Next until you see the Category page. 
  6. In the Category section, pick the industry you work in.
  7. At last, click on the Done button to complete the process. 

Your personal account is changed to a Business or a Creator account as per your selection. You can now unearth communication features that were not available in your personal account.

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